Marc Ravalomanana

Marc RAVALOMANANA was born on December 12, 1949 in Imerikasina, Antananarivo-Madagascar.

One of the outstanding figures of the political life of the big island for this third millennium, of a notoriety no one has a pair, he is a businessman, entrepreneur, Statesman, without forgetting, a A disciplined family man of such a different stature than other politicians.

Since his rise to the head of the Town Hall of Antananarivo on (date) until his ambition for the presidential election on (date), his living experience of poverty from his childhood opened his mind to work hard not simply for its own good but indeed for the common good. This triggered his political turn.

Coming from a modest and peasant family, Marc Ravalomanana is the last of the eight children of (Father) and (Mother). From his principle of life, “Miasa, Miasa mafy, Miasa tsara.” (Work, work hard, work well), he built with his wife Lalao Ravalomanana their own company TIKO (Tsara Indrindra Ka Omeko) so that all Malagasy people benefit from dignified and respectful products. The priority is that all TIKO products are accessible to the people and their purchasing power, in order to eradicate hunger.

A man of value, Marc Ravalomanana is one of the fervent and responsible Christians. Everything he undertakes, he does it with conviction, faith and trust in God. Educated by the charism of the Reformed Church (FJKM), his policy is an integral humanist policy whose program is the Madagascar Action Plan and the MAP Plus.