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Emerging from a humble family, Marc Ravalomanana's journey is a testament to strong determination and unwavering faith. Rising from poverty, he embarked on a path of resilience that propelled him to his current stature. With the presidential election on the horizon, the vision of Marc Ravalomanana for the MAP PLUS program takes center stage, a strategic roadmap to address urgent concerns. At its core, the objective is ensuring sufficient food for all Malagasy people. Simultaneously, the program drives job creation and tackles challenges faced by JIRAMA, while boldly confronting national insecurity. Just as he triumphed over personal adversity, Marc Ravalomanana's unwavering faith drives him toward the ambition of guiding Madagascar toward a brighter and more promising future.

Marc Ravalomanana, candidate in the race for the supreme magistracy


Marc Ravalomanana, candidate in the race for the supreme magistracy The National Congress of the TIM (Tiako I Madagascar) political party has officially announced the candidacy of Marc Ravalomanana, the party’s National President, for the forthcoming presidential election on November…

"Nous devons unir nos forces et travailler ensemble pour bâtir un avenir meilleur pour notre pays."

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"We must join forces and work together to build a better future for our nation."

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